Monday, March 18, 2013

Geeking Out with...Rachel Dratch: The Real Live TALK SHOW

On Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 1:30pm at Improv Asylum in Boston, "Geeking Out with..." goes live, up-close, and personal in front of an eager audience at the Women in Comedy Festival as I get geeky with Saturday Night Live's Rachel Dratch. I am so looking forward to talking with Rachel about her time in the ground-breaking groups Jazzy Freddy and The Family at iO as well as her Mainstage experiences at Second City, and of course what it was like for her at so much more.

To order tickets to the show, please visit The Women in Comedy Festival website.

About my guest: 
Rachel Dratch grew up not far from our interview site, in Lexington, Massachusetts. After graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in Drama and Psychology, she moved out to Chicago, where she studied with Del Close at Improv Olympic (now iO Theatre). She was on the infamous house teams “The Family” and “Jazz Freddy.” Rachel went on to tour with the Second City TourCo and eventually landed a spot on the Second City Mainstage, where she appeared in four revues: "Pinata Full Of Bees", "Citizen Gates", "Paradigm Lost" and "Promisekeepers Losers Weepers". For the latter two, she received the Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actress in a Revue. After leaving the mainstage, she wrote and performed in the 2-person sketch show, "Dratch and Fey", with Tina Fey. The show was seen at Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC, and the Aspen Comedy Festival. In the fall of 1999, Rachel joined the cast of "Saturday Night Live", where she performed for seven years. Her memorable characters include Boston teen "Denise", the "Lovers" professors with Will Ferrell, and, of course, "Debbie Downer". In 2010, her son Eli was born.  And in 2012, Rachel’s book, “Girl Walks into a Bar” burst from her literary loins.

If you're not able to join us in Boston this weekend, perhaps you'll be in Chicago next month for the Chicago Improv Festival when I'm grateful to be doing two shows of "Geeking Out with: The Hardcore, Kickass TALK SHOW." In the first show, I'll be getting my geek on hard with two friends I adore and admire, Joe Bill of "BASSPROV" and Senja Merilainen of Finland's "Jada Jada." And in the second, I'm extraordinarily honored to have a down and dirty conversation about all things improvisation and comedy with Scott Adsit and John Lutz of 30 Rock.

Update: A photographic souvenir of the, as Rachel later called it, "interview/show/spectacle" 

And if you're stranded in a festival-free zone for a couple months, I offer you a delicious sampling of improvlusciousness below:

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