Monday, May 10, 2010

Quickie: Henny Penny is Such a Narc

Chickens can be such gossips. Every time I go into our chicken coop, the "girls" gather around me to be in the first in line to fill me in on the latest update in their poultry soap opera.

"Marge is at it again. Pick, pick, pick. She never stops. Can you talk to her?"

"I was on the perch first. But does she care? Nooooooo!"

"Princess never cleans up her feathers. Make her clean up her feathers please."

"And she constantly laying eggs any ol' place. Plop. Doesn't have the decency to-"

"...she's a bully, pure and simple..."

"...furthermore, I will not be laying any more unless you tell her to--"

"Look, Wormlady..."

Yes, I understand Chicken. (Don't you?)

Yes, they call me Wormlady. It's my curly hair. They are constantly eyeing it, daring themselves to hop up and take a peck at it. No hen ever has tasted it yet though. They're all too chicken.

That was my obligatory chicken chicken joke. Oh stop groaning, ya' big baby. It wasn't that bad.

I'm just saying, if you want an ear-full of chicken muckraking, visit a coop.

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