Monday, August 24, 2009

Update: From the Back Room blog about comedy

Earlier, I wrote about my experiences at The Del Close Marathon in the blog entry 
As I mentioned, the Goddess of Comedy kindly turned Jason Mantzoukas's head in my direction when he was looking for an audience member to stand in for his regular partner. If you know me, you know that I feel 
any good experience can be made great by doing it on stage.
First dates are no exception.
Here is the photographic evidence of the best first date ever:

Our "First Date" (ok,'s our only date if you want to get technical)

Pam displays her "nice object work"

Jason Mantzoukas in "First Date"

Jason examines my tattoo. There is another photo floating out there somewhere of when I pretended I was going to take off my shirt to show him my other tattoo. Please! Like I would take off my shirt on the first date.

Taking off my wedding ring...with my mouth. 
Admittedly, not the classiest of moves. But it got the job done.

Check out Sharilyn Johnson's blog "From the Back Room," her great photographs (above) and review of the Del Close Marathon '09. It's a bummer that UCB stiffed her for her time and efforts (20+ hours of work and sticky butt cheeks to boot!) I certainly hope the matter is rectified by next year's marathon. By the way, you can check out her website is called Sherilyn Plugs Comedy.

Oh, did I happen to let it slip that she kindly mentioned me in her review? I'll paste it here, but make sure to check out the whole review and the photographs (yes, that's my foot.) "Pam Victor did a fantastic job of keeping things just awkward enough, while being open to whatever direction Manzoukas nudged her in."

Anytime anyone needs anything kept awkward, you know who to call!

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