Monday, June 22, 2009

Facebook Rehab 6: The Epilogue

Facebook Rehab 6: The Epilogue

By “Samantha Greene”

Michael Corleone and I have something in common besides a love for Diane Keaton: “Just when I thought I was out….they pull me back in.” Facebook is my Mafia godfather, forcing me to prostrate myself and kiss his ring daily in the form of status updates and socializing with people tens and a hundreds and thousands of miles away.

I made it all of twelve hours off Facebook. To my chagrin and secret pleasure, I have removed my “I’ll be deactivating my account” post because it’s just a reminder of how lily-livered I am. Who are we kidding? I’m not going anywhere. Know what? I think I’m okay with it too. To end with another quote of a powerful man: “I yam what I yam.”

See you on Facebook, my Friends!



Thanks to all my Friends and friends who inspired me with their Facebook foibles. Samantha Greene is me. Samantha Greene is you. (But mostly she is me - times a thousand.) She is a cautionary tale for those of us who confuse the virtual with reality. As the delineation becomes more blurred before our very eyes, Samantha Greene has helped me take a magnifying glass to this new socialization phenomenon, gazing at wonder and fascination at its strange newness.

Is it a fad or a trend? I guess we’ll find out together.

See you on Facebook, my Friends! Love, Pam

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  1. This is the most hilarious series of posts I have ever read!! I have been on the edge of my seat every day wondering what you will post next (yes clearly I need to get out more). In any case thanks for all of the laughs. I am too technologically lazy to get on Face Book and I don't Tweet either. (I know, I know I might as well give up and go back to Bedrock where I belong). I am looking forward to reading more.