Monday, February 23, 2009

A Mother Alone, Part 2

Things I get to do when I'm alone:
  • wake up when I'm done sleeping
  • get out of bed when I'm done daydreaming
  • complete my own thoughts (or not)
  • don't have to explain my actions to little constantly questioning observers
  • find stuff where I left it and leave stuff where I find it
  • come back in to find a recently straightened up room still straightened up
  • eat when I'm hungry
  • don't prepare well-rounded meals for unappreciative audiences
  • read while I'm eating without feeling like I'm hiding or feeling guilty that I wasn't interacting properly with the family
  • empty the dishwasher without feeling annoyed that nobody else has bothered to empty the dishwasher and get that nagging "What am I the maid around here?" feeling
  • change my mind without recourse
  • pay absolutely no attention to my appearance and wear my hair all pulled back without worries that someone will make a snarky comment about my fully exposed forehead
  • read a book in the middle of the day
  • take a bike ride with no set destination
  • stick my finger in the peanut butter jar without hiding
  • not do anything I don't feel like I doing
  • work on the computer all day without even once hearing someone complain that I'm "always on the computer!"
  • browse in a store
  • sit down to rest when I'm tired
  • feel guilty about not properly fulfilling my parenting/wifely duties
  • just think

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