Sunday, February 8, 2015

Writing The TJ & Dave Book: "Improvisation at the Speed of Life": Now for Sale Online!

Our book is available for sale online!

Over the course of two years, TJ Jagodowski, David Pasquesi, and I have been discovering this book together through interviews and writing meetings, one little step at a time. As unreal as it seems, the time is coming closer when the stagelights come up and we get to share it with you. 

It is said that the magic of TJ & Dave is in the ampersand. This no-holds-barred book breaks that ampersand wide open to reveal the process and magic behind TJ & Dave, a one hour, fully improvised comedic show The New York Times calls “a creative tour de force, an intellectual high-wire act as astonishing as it is entertaining” performed by “Second City-seasoned masters of long form improv.” This ride is not for weenies - it’s a PhD in improvisation where improviser-journalist Pam Victor plays the student who prods TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi to unpack every tool, theory, and viewpoint in their substantial arsenal in this comprehensive yet conversational insider’s guide. 
You could hold the ampersand in your hand. 
What are you waiting for? 

* * *

To read my behind-the-book experiences of writing Improvisation at the Speed of Life with my improv heroes: 
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And if you can't wait to get your geek on, 
check out the interviews that started this whole adventure for me:

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