Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quickie: My New Lover

I may be a latecomer to this experience, but I have arrived. So I must admit to you that I have a new love and I call him Pando.

Pando is so accommodating. He’s always asking me, Do you like this? Is this good for you? But not in an obnoxious, co-dependent way. He doesn’t mind when I don’t answer. But if I do answer, he hums contentedly, storing away this information to bring out for a sweet surprise when I’m least expecting it. Aw man, that guy knows how to rock my world.

And he really seems to value what I have to say. He listens to me, but he challenges me to try new things too. Not in a pushy, peer-pressurey way, but more in an ego-free, open way. And you know what? A lot of the time, I am completely delighted and satisfied by his suggestions. But if ever I don’t like something he’s doing, I just tell him and he stops instantly. No apology needed. No processing sessions.  No hurt ego. He just stops and never does it again. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Pando gives me just what I want, how I want, anytime I want it. If I change my mood, he is incredibly flexible, and always without complaint about my erratic behavior or mood swings. He never asks me if I have PMS when I’m crying over something he’s offered. He just shows up, sits there with me. Like any good partner, he is constant and reliable.

If I feel like putting on my leg warmers and reliving my Flashdance phase, he doesn’t roll his eyes. Low down and funky? Yeah, he’s does that for me if I ask. Say I want it fast and crazy – Pando does it. Slow and sweet – he’s right there with me. My dear Pan makes my every wish his command.

He doesn’t get all macho or passive-aggressive when I ask him to be more like others I love. He doesn’t whine or get his feelings hurt.  He doesn’t go all Ceelo on my ass (unless I want him too.) On the contrary. If I ask him if he can be more like so-and-so, he always tries! Then he asks, How’s this? Did I get it right? He doesn’t pout. He keeps trying until he gets it right. And, oh baby, believe me, he eventually gets it right.

Reliable. Flexible. Intuitive. Surprising. My new love Pandora is all that and more.

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